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Beer Name: Zipfer Urtyp
Beer Type: Premium Lager
Alc.: 5,4%
Brewery: Zipfer
Origin: Zipf
Added: 2001
Rated: Yes
Brauerei Zipf was founded in 1858. Before the Wiener, Franz Schaup, established the brewery it was a little brewhouse which brewed about 1540 hl each year. Just before WWI, In 1914, the production was already more than 140.000 hl on a yearly basis. The brewery was closed during WWII, but shortly after the brewery reopened, and a couple of years later, the yearly production was approximately 200.000 hl. The brewery is situated in Zipf, and that is of course the reason why most of their brands is called Zipfer. The characteristics of the Zipfer Urtyp in my collection is the weird bottle, but I am quite sure that the bottle is no longer in use by the brewery.