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Beer Name: Warsteiner Premium Verum
Beer Type: Pilsener
Alc.: 4,8%
Brewery: Warsteiner Brauerei
Origin: Warstein, Germany
Added: 2003
Rated: Yes
Germany hosts the incredible number of around 1300 breweries. Only USA has a bigger number. The Germans are known for the "Reinheitsgebot 1516", which is a purity law defining that beers must be produced only with the ingredients water, hops, yeast and barley-malt. This law also requires that beers not using only barley-malt (such as wheat and rye) must be top-fermented (here the use of sugar is permitted). Weissbier, Kölsch, Bock, Rauchbier, and Märzen are some of the beer types which originally was made in Germany, but also the pilsener, like Warsteiner Premium Verum, is being brewed in a large scale. Warsteiner is one of the biggest brands in Germany together with Becks, Königs, Radeberger, Bitburger etc...No wonder the Germans are number three in the world regarding beer consumption per capita.