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Beer Name: Virklund Amber Ale
Beer Type: Amber Ale
Alc.: 5,7%
Brewery: Virklund Bryghus
Origin: Silkeborg, Denmark
Added: June 2006
Rated: Yes
Some 10 years ago you could almost only find lagers and pilseners in Denmark. Today you can almost find every beer type in the country. The Danes have talked about the beer revolution in the country. The many new microbreweries have forced the big breweries like Carlsberg to produce more interesting and experimenting brews, which all in all is a big advantage for us consumers. Virklund Amber Ale is from on of the microbreweries. It is not the best brewery in Denmark at all (in my opinion that title goes to Musikbryggeriet DaCapo), but it is from the nearest local brewery, only 20km. from my home, and that is why I have kept this particular beer in my collection. The labels of the beers from Virklund Bryghus are all with motives of animals and plants, due to the fact that the brewery is situated in beautiful nature surroundings.