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Beer Name: Uinta Anglers pale Ale
Beer Type: American Pale Ale
Alc.: 5,8%
Brewery: Uinta Brewing Company
Origin: Salt Lake City, Utah
Added: September 2010
Rated: Yes
In 1993 the first beers were brewed in Uinta Brewery. At the beginning the people behind Uinta aimed for the local bars and restaurants. The success came immediately, and therefore only three years later they decided bottling their brew. Uinta is named after a mountain range located in Utah. Furthermore Uinta’s beer names are inspired by the surroundings. Cutthroat Pale Ale is named after Utah’s state fish, and King's Peak Porter is named after Utah’s highest peak. A very nice thing about this brewery is also that it is the first company in Utah using 100% wind-powered energy - way to go! Thank you once again to Anthony Regan for this beer.