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Beer Name: Tusker Lager
Beer Type: Pale lager
Alc.: 4,2%
Brewery: Kenya Breweries
Origin: Nairobi, Kenya
Added: 2004
Rated: Yes
Tusker Lager is one of the most known beers of the entire African beer market, and the beer can be bought in a number of countries worldwide. The logo of the beer is a symbol for the death of George Hurst - one of the founders of Kenya Breweries. He was killed by an elephant (tusker) during a hunting expidition in 1923. On the label the inscription: "Bia Yangu, Nchi Yangu", is written, which means: "My beer, My country". In Kenya the beer market represents 3,68% of the African market, and the production of the country per capita is 8,01 litres (2004).