Mauritius Blue Marlin Rare beer. Expires July 2013.
Togo x 2 Flag Speciale Hard-to-get beer from Togo, Africa. Has just expired, but nevertheless still drinkable.
Venezuela x 2 Polar Well-known South American beer, but still difficult to get in Europe. Expires in January 2014.
Reunion x 2 Bourbon Very rare beer. Expires August 2013. Also in a canned version (look further down).
Tunisia Celtia Rare beer. Expires November 2013.
Wales Rhymney Export Ale The beer has expired. The beer is quite difficult to get outside Great Britain.
Russia Stepan Razin Porter The beer has expired.
Vietnam Hue Beer The beer has expired. It is from one of the largest breweries in Vietnam - owned by Carlsberg.
Moldova Camarad Big 1 litre plastic bottle from a very hard-to-get country. The bottle is a bit damaged due to the sun, but still it is a quite funny one to have in a collection. The beer has expired a long time ago.
Philippines San Miguel Pale Pilsen Nice print on bottle. Has expired.
Philippines Red Horse Expires October 2010.
Denmark Royal Export A very special can. It is a limited edition label, designed by one of Denmarks most famous musicians, Kasper Eistrup from Kashmir. Expires June 2011.
Saudi Arabia Löwenbräu Non-Alcoholic Not actually a Saudi beer, but it has been imported to the Saudi market, and therefore the can has been adapted with Arabic letters. Has expired.
Denmark Carlsberg Crown This is a limited edition, which was brewed by Carlsberg for the royal wedding between Frederik and Mary. Expired 2004
Denmark Albani Husar Pils Expired 1990
Denmark Mercandia Per Henriksen Liner Beer Very rare beer. Brewed for one of the most famous shipowners in Denmark. A very old beer.
Denmark Albani HC Andersen 1805 Brewed when H.C. Andersen had his 200th birthday in 2005. Expired in 2006.
Denmark Carlsberg Tivoli 150 Brewed for Tivoli, Copenhagen due to their 150th anniversary. Expired back in 1994
Denmark Hancock Frijsenborg & Wedellsborg Expired 1997
Denmark Harboe Kongeskibet Dannebrog Expired 2000
Denmark Refsvindinge Kakebille The same beer as Refsvindinge AZ Ale No.16, but with a different label. This labelled beer was produced for the castle of Sonderborg in limited editions. Expired 2005.
Jersey Mary Ann Best Bitter Hard-to-get beer. Expires November, 2010
Reunion Bourbon A hard-to-get beer. Canned. Expires December 1, 2010