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Beer Name: Tembo Biere
Beer Type: Amber Ale
Alc.: ?
Brewery: Brasseries Simba
Origin: Lubumbashi, Dem. Rep. of Congo
Added: April 2006
Rated: No
Tembo translated into English is Elephant. This giant beer (60cl.) is the most well-known of the local beer brands in D.R. Congo. Other typical brands in the country are French beers like "33" and "Castel". Other international brands like Guinness and Amstel are also available. The total annual production per capita is approximately 3,31 litres (2004), and the share of the African beer market is 2,56% (2004), which makes the D.R. Congo one of the most "sober" countries of Central Africa. Thank you to Jeppe "Bierkönig" Bjergsø for this "elephant beer".