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Beer Name: Svyturys Extra
Beer Type: Dortmunder
Alc.: 5,2%
Brewery: Svyturys
Origin: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Added: 2005
Rated: Yes
Svyturys was established in 1784, and is therefore the oldest brewery in Lithuania. Before 1784 the Lithuanians, as well as the rest of the Baltic states, were used to drink German beers. As a result of no local beer tradition J.W.Reincke established Svyturys. The emblem of the Reincke family, the sea eagle, would also become the symbol of the brewery. Today it has remained to be the logo of Svyturys. The German beer types are still produced on a large scale in the country. This particular beer is a Dortmunder, but Bock and Weizen are also available. Svyturys export their beers to a number of European countries; Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and England are the primarily markets.