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Beer Name: Steinlager 
Beer Type: Pale Lager 
Alc.: 5% 
Brewery: Lion Breweries 
Origin: Auckland, New Zealand 
Added: 2001
Rated: Yes
Steinlager was first brewed in 1957 in response to a challenge by the (at that time) Minister of Finance, Arnold Nordmeyer. In his "black budget" of that year, Nordmeyer threatened to cut international beer imports in order to boost the flagging economy. He then challenged New Zealand's brewers to "come up with an international-style lager beer". In 1987 a beer commercial regarding Steinlager is called to be the worlds best beer commercial, and in 1998 Steinlager is available at the Super Bowl in the US. Perhaps some of the reasons why Steinlager now is the most exported beer from New Zealand.