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Beer Name: Staropramen Svetly
Beer Type: Pilsener
Alc.: 4%
Brewery: Staropramen Breweries
Origin: Prague, Czech Rep.
Added: May 2003
Rated: Yes
The Czech Republic has the honour to be the absolute no.1, when it is about beer consumption per capita. 160 litres per capita per year! That is almost 30 litres more than number two on the list, Ireland. Congratulations! The country was the first to produce a pilsener, which happened in the city of Plzen, and today the city is responsible for one of the best pilseners in the world, Pilsner Urquell. Staropramen Breweries is the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic. The brewery started in 1869 and the brand name Staropramen, meaning “old spring,” was registered in 1911. Staropramen is exported to countries all over the world. The brand is in fact so popular that a group called "The Order of Staropramen" has been founded. The order has its own theme song dedicated to the drink.