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Beer Name: SeyBrew Lager
Beer Type: Pale Lager
Alc.: 4,9%
Brewery: Seychelles Breweries
Origin: Mahé, Seychelles
Added: May 2008
Rated: Yes
The British born entrepreneur, Robert N. Wells, first had the idea of building a brewery in Seychelles. Few years later in 1970, when Wells met Haase from Brauhaase (Germany), the Seychelles Breweries became a reality.Today the brewery is partially owned by Guinness, and therefore the company also distributes this famous brand in Seychelles. But along with the SeyBrew Lager, and Guinness the brewery also distributes the German EKU as a result of the partnership with Brauhaase. Philippe "Bov" Corbat is responsible for this beer.