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Beer Name: Red Panda Weissbier
Beer Type: Hefeweizen
Alc.: 5%
Brewery: Bumthang Brewery
Origin: Jakka, Bhutan
Added: 2004
Rated: Yes
This is one of the most rare and hard-to-get beers in my collection. The Bhutanese Weissbier is bottled in a San Miguel bottle, but as far as I know, they don't have any official business with the Spanish brewery... On the label, the nearly extinct Red Panda is shown, which makes sense, since this mammal lives in the Himalaya-region (ex. Bhutan, Nepal, Burma). Why they brew German weissbier in Bhutan, I really don't know! But if anyone can tell me more about the history of this beer, and the brewery, please let me know.