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Beer Name: Ölvisholt Mori
Beer Type: Bitter
Alc.: 5,5%
Brewery: Ölvisholt Brugghús
Origin: Selfoss, Iceland
Added: August 2010
Rated: Yes
Ölvisholt is a rather new brewery on Iceland. The opening was in March, 2008. The microbrewery has just begun to export their brands to Denmark. This particular brand is named after an urban legend: "On a winter night in 1785 a young boy was looking for a place to sleep. A farmer refused to help him, and therefore he died in the cold night. He then swore to himself that he would haunt the farmer and all of his descendents for generations to come." Apparently he still haunts in the surroundings of Olvisholt Brugghus! The brewery also produces the brands Skjalfti (quake) and Lava which illustrate the rough landscape of the island in the north.