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Beer Name: Okells Maclir
Beer Type: Golden Ale
Alc.: 4,4%
Brewery: Okells
Origin: Douglas, Isle of Man
Added: February 2005
Rated: No
The surgeon, William Okell started Okell's Brewery in Castle Hill, Douglas in 1850. 25 years later, he almost owned every pub on the island. Okells has not always been the name of the brewery, due to the fact that the brewery has been owned by different investors through time. But in 1994 the brewery was once again named after the mighty surgeon. The name, Mac Lir, is from the Celtic mythology reffering to the god of sea. This is not the only beer with the symbolic characteristica: Relation between man and nature. Other brands from Okells also refer to this relationship, such as: Okells Summer Storm, Okells Olde Skipper, and Okells Autumn Dawn. Once again I owe Jeppe "Bierkönig" Bjergsø a big thanks.