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Beer Name: Obolon Premium
Beer Type: Pale Lager
Alc.: 5,2%
Brewery: Obolon
Origin: Kiev, Ukraine
Added: August 2004
Rated: Yes
A major brand from a major brewery. I have seen this beer in supermarkets in France, Germany, England, and Poland, but the export is much more bigger than that. In Ukraine the brewery is the biggest and most known. The establishment of the company began with the Olympics in 1980 (Moscow). The Soviet Government wanted to build a brewery with European standards, and as a result of that some Czech guys were hired. The place of the brewery became Obolon, due to the fact that it was near the Dniper river bank. After the fall of USSR Obolon became the first brewery from ex-sovjet to export beers into Europe. My thanks to Jeppe "Bierkönig" Bjergsoe, who helped me get this beer.