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Beer Name: Nøgne Ø Red Horizon
Beer Type: American Strong Ale
Alc.: 17%
Brewery: Nøgne Ø
Origin: Grimstad, Norway
Added: July 2013
Rated: Yes
The Norwegian brewery is well-known, and it has grown from a 300 hl production in 2003 to an estimated 3500 hl production in 2010. The name Nøgne Ø means "naked island", and refers to the surroundings of southern Norway, which is dominated by a lot of small bedrock islands. The Red Horizon is a strong ale containing sake yeast No. 7 from Masumi Sake in Nagano (therefore the Japanese-inspired design). The first generation of the beer had an impressive 17% alc. Now the alc. is 13,5%.