Collectors and raters



Anthony Regan (England)


Libor "Czech Beer Man" Vojacek (Czech Republic)


Carlos Alberto Avelino (Brazil)     


Mervyn Chen (Singapore)


Philippe "Bov" Corbat (Switzerland)     


Ilker Kara (Turkey) 

  Csaba Elekes (Hungary)
  Vadim Metlitskiy (Belarus) 
  Javy Montoya (Colombia)  


The most complete source of brewery information on the Internet.


  A beer rating site with members from all over the world. Reviews of tens of thousands of beers.


  An alternative to ratebeer. Includes information about beer stores worldwide.


  A Danish beer site with all the information you need regarding beers. (Danish version only)



  This is a database with information about recipes, videos, games, and lots of other cool stuff regarding beers. A very detailed news feature as well.


Online stores  






  A large selection of beers from most of Europe, and a couple from Asia, Africa, and America.



A German web site with a number of beers from all over the world. (German version only)



  A local Danish beer store with one of the largest beer selections in the country. (Danish version only)