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Beer Name: Greenland Brown Ale
Beer Type: Brown Ale
Alc.: 5,5%
Brewery: Greenland Brewhouse
Origin: Narsaq, Greenland
Added: August 2006
Rated: Yes
Greenland Brewhouse is the first brewery in Greenland. It is from 2004, and therefore a rather young brewery. Nevertheless its products are being exported to Denmark, and there have been made new contacts all over the world. One of the ads of their beers, tells that they are brewed on the clearest water in the world; the ice cap. They emphasize that they only use ice, which already has been broken off, and therefore would melt no matter what. Besides the brown ale, they produce a pale ale, and seasonal brews. But around Easter 2008 they will be launching a stout, and a barley wine as well.