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Beer Name: Everest Premium Lager Special Limited Edition
Beer Type: Pale Lager
Alc.: 5%
Brewery: Mount Everest Brewery
Origin: Katmandu, Nepal
Added: August 2008
Rated: Yes
This big Nepalese beer comes in a Tuborg bottle. The name could of course not be anything else than Mount Everest, since it is from the Himalayan country. Mount Everest Brewery also produces another lager beer: Everest Premium Lager 50th Golden Jubilee, and in fact there are a couple other breweries in the country. One of the most famous brands is Gorkha Beer, which often is mistaken for the Gurkha Beer from the English brewery Hepworth. The English Gurkha beer is actually advertised as a genuine Nepalese beer in some supermarkets and online stores, but don't be fooled (as I was in the beginning:-))