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Beer Name: Bintang Bir Pilsener
Beer Type: Pale Lager
Alc.: 4,8%
Brewery: Pt. Multi Bintang
Origin: Central Java, Indonesia
Added: 2004
Rated: Yes
The history of PT Multi Bintang, dates back to 1929 when the company was founded under the name of NV Nederlandsch Indische Bierbrouwerijen. The first brand of the company was Java Bier. In 1936 Heineken became the major shareholder, and the company name changed into Heineken Nederlandsch-Indische Brouwerij Maatschappij. During the years of Indonesia’s Guided Democracy (1957-1965), Heineken stopped being technical advisor and prohibited the use of the Heineken brand-name. Heineken beer was changed in Bir Bintang and the company-name changed into Perusahaan Bir Bintang. The beer is now exported to such different places like: Holland, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, and Guam.