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Beer Name: Amarcord La Putena
Beer Type: English Strong Ale
Alc.: 6,5%
Brewery: Spring srl
Origin: Falciano, San Marino
Added: February 2005
Rated: Yes
Spring srl started out as a tiny microbrewery, but soon it became very popular and recognized throughout Europe. Among other countries the beers can in fact be bought in Denmark. The name Amarcord is reffering to the great Italian film director Federico Fellini, who directed the Oscar-winning Amarcord. Fellini was born in San Marino. The illustrations of the labels of the five types of beers show women characters from Amarcord, so the tribute to Fellini is total. Today the brewery is situated in Apecchio, Italy, so it is no longer locally brewed beers from San Marino. The content is the same, but other things have changed. This particular beer is now named Amarcord Volpina. The one in my collection is the real deal from the former brewery in San Marino. Thanks to Jeppe "Bierkönig" Bjergsoe for trading this beer.