"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Benjamin Franklin

Hi fellow beer lovers,

The following is a short description of my beer collection, or should i say collections! I started collecting beers when I was about 17 years old (1995). At that time my goal was to collect all Danish beers, but shortly after, I expanded with foreign beers. Unfortunately a couple of years later, all my beers were stolen from my cellar:-( At that time I had a fairly big collection, and therefore I decided never to collect beers again. However, 6-7 years later, stores in Denmark (my native country) began to increase their import of beers from around the world. At the same time a vast number of microbreweries started producing their beers to the local markets... My passion was suddenly there again:-)

My current collection started around 2003, and the "new" target is to collect two beers from every beer producing country in the world. One for the collection of course, and one for tasting. I don't really know why this is my goal, but I guess it is because I would like to say one day to myself that my collection is complete.

During my beer hunting the last years, I have met many with the same passion as myself, both beer collectors and beer tasters. Some of them are represented on the web (cf. Links).

I have gathered some information about the beers from my collection, as well as a picture of each beer to support the information. The countries without hyperlinks are either countries with no breweries known, or countries whose beers are on my Wish List.

Finally I have added my beer tasting notes. In this context I have created some top 10 lists.

Collecting and rating beers requires a big network, and in this connection there are a number of people I wish to thank. Without them I would never have perhaps one of the most extensive beer collections in the world.


Special thanks to:

Anthony Regan (Banks Beer from Barbados, Birra Tirana from Albania, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout from Antigua & Barbuda, Pacena Bock from Bolivia, Presidente from Dominican Rep., Asmara Lager Beer from Eritrea, Diekirch Grand Cru Ambree from Luxembourg, Phoenix Beer from Mauritius, Gulder Lager from Nigeria, MB Pils from Serbia, Laurentina Preta from Mocambique, Amstel Bright from Netherland Antilles, Toña from Nicaragua, Vailima from Samoa, Hairoun from St. Vincent & Grenadines, Djogo Pilsener Bier from Suriname, Taiwan Beer from Taiwan, Bell Lager from Uganda, Obolon Premium from Ukraine, Barbican Premium Malt from United Arab Emirates, Cerveza India from Puerto Rico, and a number of American micro brands)

Carlos Alberto Avelino (Strela from Cape Verde, Balashi from Aruba, Banks DIH Premium from Guyana, Baviera from Paraguay, Taybeh Beer Dark from Palestine)

Jeppe "Bierkönig" Borg Bjergsø (Mini BR from Algeria, St. Louis Lager from Botswana, Tembo Biere from Rep. of Congo, Guinness Extra Smooth Stout from Ghana, Biere la Gazelle from Senegal, Shakhterskoe Syrasy Pivo from Kazakhstan, Macau Blonde Ale from Macau, Randalls Cynful from Guernsey, Okells Maclir from Isle of Man, Skopsko Svetlo Pivo from Macedonia, Camarad from Moldova, Amarcord La Putena from San Marino, La Sierrvoise La Claire from Switzerland, Kalik from Bahamas, Banks Legend from Barbados, FNC Pilsen from Urguay)

Jesper Huldgaard Christensen (Abita Amber Lager from Louisiana, Blackstone Pumpkin Ale from Tennessee, Redbridge from Missouri, Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan from Mississippi, and Back Forty Naked Pig Pale Ale)

Libor "CzechBeerMan" Vojacek (Skol from Guinea, Bario Malt Beverage from Saudi Arabia, SolBrew from Solomon Islands, White Bull Lager from Sudan, Biyat Zip 5 Klassiki from Turkmenistan)

Philippe "Bov" Corbat (Flag Speciale from Elfenbenskysten, Birre e Pejes Pilsner from Kosovo, Liechtensteiner Brauhaus Hell's from Liechtenstein)


My thanks also to:

Allan Meyer (Brestskoe Belovezhskoe Svetloe from Belarus)

Anders Kristensen (Ponghak Beer from North Korea)

Andreas Tvede (Austral Lager from Chile)

Anne Andersen (Maluti Premium Lager from Lesotho)

Anne Henriksen (Delster NA from Iran)

Brasseries Star (Star Three Horses Beer from Madagascar)

Bulgan Njama (Chinggis Hell from Mongolia)

Carsten Bruhn-Lauritsen (Star Lager from Sierra Leone)

Clarindo Kaputo (Nocal Cerveja Internacional from Angola)

Connie Suheimat (Petra Beer from Jordan)

Cynthia Fukuhara (Vanuatu Tusker Lager from Vanuatu)

Denis Duran Gutierrez (Regia Extra from El Salvador, Cerveza Sol from Guatemala)

Farah Nayer Zabeen, Mogens Strunge Larsen, and Jørgen Ebbe Christensen (Hunter Malt Beverage from Bangladesh)

Gitte Just (Bucanero Fuerte from Cuba)

Heinrich Hansen (Solera from Venezuela)

Helle Martinsen (Gwada Gold from Guadeloupe)

Henning Kurland (Xirdalan from Azerbaijan)

Ignasi Ferrer (Primus Biere from Burundi)

Jens Gnaur (Red Panda Weissbier from Bhutan)

Jess Pilegaard (Mosi Lager from Zambia)

Joana De Gusmao (Creola Export Beer from Sao Tome & Principe)

Jon Bøge Gehlert (Biere Niger from Niger)

Jose Maria Barnils (Cerveza Panama Lager from Panama)

Jürgen Hübchen (Kubuli from Dominica)

Kirsten Svenningsen (South Pacific Export Lager from Papua New Guinea)

Lars M. Braaten and Cinzia Albonetti (Everest Premium Lager Special Limited Edition from Nepal)

Mervyn Chen (Myanmar Lager Beer from Myanmar)

Peter and Benthe Hansen (Alfa from Greece)

Povl Kuldborg Frederiksen (Ursus Premium from Romania, Red Stripe from Jamaica)

Rune Larssen (Sakara Gold from Egypt)

Sean Barradas (Christies Gold Beer Shandy from Swaziland)

Stephen Borg (Cisk Lager from Malta)

Svend Boje Madsen (Astika Lux Premium from Bulgaria)

Susanne Lauge Hansen  and Jens Markvardsen (Sabeco 333 Export from Vietnam)

Sylvie Madsen (Prestige Lager from Haiti)

Thomas Barslund (Angkor Beer from Cambodia)

Timothy Solomon (Caybrew from Cayman Islands)

Torben Nielsen (Julbrew Lager from Gambia)

Twagirumukiza Leonard (Mützig from Rwanda)

Ulla Blom (Serengeti Lager from Tanzania)

Ulla Prien (Sarbast Original Beer from Uzbekistan)

Vahan Margyaran (Kilikia from Armenia)

Vladimir Popovschii (Chisinau Blonda from Moldova)

Windward & Leeward Brewery Ltd (Piton from St. Lucia)

Winnie Hanne Thomsen (Tusker Lager from Kenya)